Externally funded service providers delivering health, disability and wellbeing services to students

Externally funded health, disability and wellbeing service providers may seek to provide their services to students at the school during school hours. Access to the school by an externally funded provider is at the discretion of the principal

An information package has been developed to guide and support schools, parents and carers, and external service providers around the key legislative and policy requirements schools need to consider when making decisions regarding school access for external providers.

An initial review of this package is scheduled for early 2018. Feedback on any part of this package may be sent at any time to ExternalProviderFeedback@det.nsw.edu.au.

Information for principals

This information sheet supports principals in exercising their discretion to approve (or not approve) external provider access to the school and the matters that need to be considered.

Checklist for principals

A checklist has been developed to enable schools to ensure that providers satisfy all the mandatory requirements before they operate in the school, where access is approved.

School induction checklist

The school induction checklist can be used by schools to manage the induction of externally funded provider staff before they can deliver services at the school.

Information for providers and provider checklist

This information sheet and checklist details the mandatory requirements external service providers need to meet, and documentation they will need to provide to the school, before they can start delivering services at the school.

NDIS-funded therapy for your child at a NSW Public School – information for parents and carers

This information sheet gives parents and carers advice about seeking approval for the delivery of NDIS-funded services at the school. It also summarises the matters the principal will consider when deciding whether or not to accommodate an NDIS-funded service at the school, and the ongoing responsibilities of parents and carers once the school has approved NDIS-funded services at the school.

External Provider Engagement Agreement

Before commencing service delivery at the school, external providers must enter into a written agreement with each school in which they propose to provide the relevant service/s. A template agreement has been prepared for this purpose, setting out the responsibilities of each party.

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