Speak selection on the iPad transcript


"You may have viewed the video which explored speak screen on the iPad, which is a tool that reads aloud all content on the screen at a given time. Speak selection is a similar tool that reads text aloud but it is more useful for students that have difficulty with their reading as they can choose specific parts of text to have read to them.

To activate speak selection, you can open the settings - general - accessibility (where you will find some other amazing tools), then speech- and turn on speak selection. While you are here you may wish to turn on 'highlight content' which highlights the words as they are being read, you can also choose a voice that is suitable, and you can adjust the speaking rate.

To demonstrate speak selection, I will open up a webpage with some text and I will select the heading of this article. I tap and hold my finger on the first word and then I select the blue bar and drag it to select what I want read. You can see the 'Speak' option appears in the menu.

Depending on the students' needs they could select the entire article to be read aloud or they may just choose to have a difficult word read to them.

It would be a good idea for the student to use headphones, so not to distract others in the class and I have found that this also stops the student from feeling like they are standing out.

Another powerful use of the speak section tool is when students use it to proof read their own writing. Hearing their own writing read aloud, is a great way to independently edit their writing.

For more iPad accessibility features, please visit the Apple accessibility website?.

End transcript.

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