Speak screen on the iPad transcript


"Speak screen can be turned on by heading to Settings, General, Accessibility, Speech and then toggling Speak Screen on. In order to activate Speak screen, we simply use two finger swipe fro the top of the screen.

iPad audio: speak selection on- a speak button will appear when you select text.

Narrator: And when it works you can see this toolbar that pops up, and you can press pause like I have just done, and minimise it to the side by clicking on the arrow and slow down the rate of speech from the menu bar. Now when we go to a website, for example, here's one that I've already opened up.

iPad audio: Speak tool, main content side navigation, side footer, side side search, side map network navigation. Other side, make news.com.au your homepage.

Narrator: You can see that it's reading literally everything on the screen. One of the quick things I encourage you to do is to use the Safari Reader by clicking on this icon here.

iPad audio: Ten habits that will change your life...

Narrator: So you can see that there is a fair bit of control over the speak screen feature.

End transcript.

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