Sharing screen through Adobe Connect transcript


For students with a vision impairment there are a range of options for magnifying and viewing content that is being displayed by the teacher on a student device in real time. Some schools are using products such as VNC, Splashtop and others, however, these products can have difficulty working within the department's network, they can be difficult to set up and they can come at a cost. The screen sharing function in Adobe Connect is one option that all teachers have access to, is easy to set up and is free.

The first thing you need to do as the teacher is create an Adobe Connect meeting room, which your student will join. To do this you will need to visit and log in with your department username with @detnsw on the end.

Then select the blue button 'create', then 'meeting'. Type your name in the first box. You can add a custom url if you like, such as Mr Allen, which can be useful for the student if they are using this with different classes throughout the day.

Leave all of the other fields as is and click next and next again.

Select do not send invitations and click finish.

You now have the link to your room and it is a good idea to save this link now in your favourites for easy access later. To launch the meeting you will just need to click on the link.

You should see the share my screen option but if you don't it can be accessed from the pods menu up the top.

Select share my screen and choose your desktop for sharing.

You can then open any documents or webpages that you wish to share with the class and the student will see this on their device.

Now let's see what this process looks like for the student.

Firstly if the student using a laptop or pc, they will need to enter the teachers meeting URL into their browser. They may be prompted to download the adobe connect add in which would be recommended. If the student is using an iPad they can download the Connect app from the app store.

The first time they use the app they will need to enter the teachers meeting url and select next. Then select guest and add the student's name. It will then remember these details so it will be easy for the student next time they start the lesson.

The student can then see the teachers screen but will only be able to view and not interact with the teachers content. The student can then use the inbuilt accessibility features of the device if needed such as zoom, invert colours, etc.

If you have any difficulty with Adobe Connect you can follow my guide, which will be include in the video description or you could contact EDConnect for additional support.

End transcript.

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