Script for Voice Typing Google Docs


"Many schools are using GSuite and Google Docs for their learning activities as it provides an easy to use platform for creating and sharing documents online and it's an excellent platform for collaboration between students or the teacher and students. The collaboration and feedback features will be discussed in another video but Google Docs also has an excellent tool for speech to text, which is built in and available to all students in NSW public schools.. This is called 'Voice Typing' and it is an easy to use tool which allows students to dictate their writing and is very useful in removing those barriers that many students face with writing.

To activate Voice Typing, you select Tools from the menu and then 'voice typing'. You can also activate voice typing by using the keyboard shortcut Control-shift-s.

Once the microphone appears on the page you might be prompted to allow the use of a microphone. Then select the microphone and begin dictating.

"This is a demonstration of Voice Typing in Google Docs, full stop, new paragraph'. There are many students who may benefit from using this tool, exclamation mark"

As you can see, it realised which 'there' I wanted to use and changed it quickly. There are also a number of voice commands that can be used. These can be found on the Google support website.

As classrooms can be noisy, the quality of the voice typing will be improved with the use of headphones with a microphone. The student will also need to speak slowly and clearly to minimise errors but generally it works well. For more information visit the Google accessibility website."

End transcript.

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