Safari reader on the iPad transcript


"This is one of my favourite tools to show students who use an iPad in the classroom. Safari reader is an accessibility tools that is built into the Safari browser and helps people to declutter webpages and provide a clear, personalised reading experience.

Let's take a look.

I am going to open up Safari and go to an article on ABC education. You will notice in the search bar there is 4 horizontal lines, which is the safari reader button. Please note that safari reader does not work on all websites, but it's usually available on most text-heavy sites.

When you select safari reader, you can see that it immediately decluttered the page and has just left me with just the text and images. I can also adjust the settings to suit my needs by selecting the A button on the right. Here, I can adjust the background colour, the font size and the font type.

This can improve the reading experience for many students but don't forget the student could now use speak screen or speak selection to have the text read aloud. This is also covered in another video.

If the student wishes to have the safari reader feature automatically turn on when visiting webpages they can select and hold down the safari reader button and choose 'use on all websites'".

End transcript

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