MS Learning tools transcript


"Microsoft Learning Tools is a free resource that can be used to support students with reading and writing difficulties. To trial this tool or to demonstrate to others before you download it, visit

Learning Tools is available on most Office products and more information about this, you can visit the page here.

So, lets give it a go!

You will see first that you are given some tips to highlight what tools are available. The play button reads the text aloud to the student and you can adjust the reading speed and choose a male or female voice. Here you can adjust text size, font and colours and a few other tools. And the books icon allows you to make adjustments to enhance the focus and you also switch on a picture dictionary.

So, let's see it in action.


You can turn on syllables. I can also colour code parts of speech, such as as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. I can switch on the line focus. And I can switch on the picture dictionary.

As you can see, MS learning tools is a really versatile tool that could be used to support all students in the classroom."

End transcript.

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