Dictation on the iPad transcript


"There are many different reasons for why some students may have difficulty typing, such as difficulties with spelling, physical difficulties using a keyboard or difficulty seeing what is being typed for example. However, on the iPad there is a built in feature which allows students to dictate or talk into their iPad and it will write for them.

This feature appears on the on screen keyboard, next to the spacebar, which allows for the student to use this speech to text tool as an alternative to whenever they need to type, such as searching something online, sending an email, or working on a document.

If you can't see the microphone on your keyboard, you may need to go to the settings - general - keyboard - and select enable dictation.

Now let's see it in action. I will open up my notes app and you will see on the keyboard the microphone which I will select. "This is a demonstration of the amazing in built dictation tool on the iPad, full stop. New paragraph. A very powerful tool that could be useful for all students, exclamation mark."

As you can see the accuracy is really high and in most cases you may not need to use a separate speech to text program. However, with using any speech to text in the classroom, the accuracy will improve if the student is using headphone with a microphone and the classroom noise is kept low.

Dictation on the iPad is a really simple, yet powerful tool that all students should know about. For more iPad accessibility features, please visit the Apple accessibility website."

End transcript.

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