User guide for providers

Scheme details for allied health service providers

This scheme and the resources below support allied health service providers to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with schools.

Schools will use a database, which is accessible only to school staff, to research and review the providers who have been successfully pre-screened for inclusion in the scheme.

Schools will provide allied health service providers with a brief on their needs or requirements, and service providers will provide a quote based on the requirements. The department has provided a briefing template for schools to use.

Once the school has decided to engage a provider they will use a 2 page Order Form, which rests on the legal framework of the Human Services Agreement. This has previously been provided and agreed to by each successful provider.

The department has provided some documents and templates that will support working together. We recommend holding a kick off meeting during which any details of the engagement are clarified, outcomes are agreed and all involved are clear on shared expectations. Please see the Resources section below to access these templates. Schools have been given access to the same documents.

The department recommends establishing a process for regular check in points, be it a meeting or through written documentation.

Finally, at the completion of the delivered services we recommend that both parties meet to review the impact and outcomes. As part of this process, the department requires that service providers maintain records of the engagement so that reports can be provided back to us. The reporting template can be found below.

Other requirements

As a qualified provider, you must meet certain requirements as part of your compliance with the scheme conditions.

Working with Children

While the department has pre-screened provider’s Working with Children checks, we still require that schools review each staff member’s status on the department’s screening database, eCPC, when they sign in to the school premises.

For providers who have already delivered services in one or more NSW public schools and have already submitted a completed Appendix 11 form to a school, they do not have to do so again.

For new provider staff, or staff that have not previously delivered services on school premises, we require that they adhere to our probity requirements and submit the below 3 documents either to the department via the inbox or directly to the school, both at least 7 days prior to the first engagement.

  • A complete declaration for child-related work to the first school they attend to be verified via the department’s eCPC system (not required for subsequent schools)
  • A valid Work with Children Check clearance (for employees) to be submitted with the declaration and presented with photo identification at every school visit, and submit with,
  • Present 1 form of government issued photo ID, for example, Driver's License or passport to be submitted with the declaration and WWCC.

You must ensure that your WWCC is valid at all times and any amendments to expiry dates or details of your working with children certificate are forwarded to the department's Probity unit at this email address

This must be done before the expiry date to ensure access to school premises remains and so that they do not need to be re-screened.

We request that all staff carry their WWCC details and photo ID with them when visiting school premises.


Child Protection Training

Completion of mandatory Child Protection Training is required, and you have certified your adherence to this in your organisation’s application. Provider staff must have successfully completed the department’s Mandatory Child Protection Training online (via MyPL) or a suitable alternative child protection training program delivered by the service provider for its staff.

Note: NSW public schools may require evidence of completion before services begin.

Health Care Training

For particular students, groups of students or environments, individual schools may require staff to undertake health related training such as anaphylaxis e-training or CPR training before services begin.

Note: If training is required, schools may require evidence of completion before services begin.


All provider personnel who have not worked in a school before are required to attend an induction on school premises before services begin. The induction will be provided by the school and will cover important information about the school, key policies and professional practices. The induction will include work health and safety (WHS) information, including emergency and evacuation procedures. As each school is different, provider personnel will need to take part in an induction at each school they work in.

Your responsibilities to the department


As per the terms and conditions of the scheme, providers are required to report quarterly on the work delivered. The details that will be required are outlined below and this reporting template should be used. A quarterly reminder will be sent to all providers.

Provide details on the type(s) of services delivered to each of the schools at which you have delivered services. Please follow the below structure for each school and the relevant engagements.

  • School Name:
  • School location:
  • Service type: Occupational Therapy and Specialist Behaviour Supports

o Sub type: student intervention, professional development, etc

  • Details of services:

o Audience; students (how many, age, year groups etc), teachers, school staff

o Delivery Mode (workshop, class intervention, face to face, telehealth etc)

o Delivery frequency: daily, weekly, monthly

o Duration: number of hours delivered, and the time frame during which they were delivered (Start date/end date)

  • Total value of engagement, in $ value.
  • Did your quoted work match the work delivered?
  • Were any recommendations provided to the school as a result of the services delivered? If yes, what were these recommendations?

Keeping details updated

You are required to provide the department with:

  • Contact details
  • Up to date certificates for currency for the following insurances

o Public Liability insurance, $20 million

o Workers Compensation of equivalent

o Professional Indemnity Insurance, at least $2 million

  • Service or geographical coverage changes and your ability to continue to deliver services as per your application
  • New staff details for screening department's working with children requirements
  • Business structure, name or ownership changes
  • NDIS registration changes

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs specific to interested and prequalified providers can be found at the below link.

FAQs for providers.

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