FAQs for schools and providers

Yes, this scheme is not compulsory. If your school has an existing relationship with a provider or would like to work with a provider that is not prequalified, you are able to do so. The scheme aims to support schools by reducing the administrative burden that can be involved with engaging external providers through the review, procurement, probity and evaluation phases. 

Providers may inform schools of their prequalification of the scheme but should be very aware that schools receive a lot of communication from the department and from external organisations. Additionally, schools may not yet be aware of the scheme. 

The procurement of providers to the scheme was initially concluded in December 2019 and again in March 2021.  While applications cannot be taken on a rolling bases, we have opened up an inbox for initial expressions of interest. Interested organisations are asked to provide their contact details to this inbox. The department will inform interested parties when applications re-open


The conditions of the scheme will need to be met by any future applicants. A scheme conditions guide may be requested via email. 

In the meantime, if you are already delivering services to schools, there are no limitations to stop providers from continuing to do so.  

Invoices are to be directed to the school that you have delivered services to. Any invoicing requirements or structures should be discussed and arranged directly with the school prior to project kick off. 

Schools receive a lot of different information and additionally different staff within a school will be informed about different initiatives, information or requirements from the department. It is possible that the person(s) you have spoken to at this school have not yet heard about the scheme. You may provide them with further details if suitable. The department has developed a flyer that can be provided to schools to support these conversations. 

Alternatively, you may suggest schools reach out to our scheme manager via this inbox sahs@det.nsw.edu.au

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