It is good practice for school staff to monitor the delivery of the service while it is being delivered and then evaluate its effectiveness. How the service will be monitored and evaluated may be agreed upon at the kick off meeting. An evaluation template is available that may help with measuring the impact of the services delivered.

Providers are required to report to the department regularly on the services that they have provided. They report on where services have been delivered, the nature of those services and the value of those services. This data allows us to monitor the use of the scheme and evaluate its effectiveness.

Schools are not required to report or provide feedback on their use of the scheme. However, we ask that, if possible, staff also provide us feedback on their experiences so that we can understand how the scheme is being used and what impact it is having. . We have provided a list of questions to consider in the Schools User Guide.

Completing the Evaluation template may help when considering and measuring the impact of the services delivered. Additionally, we have developed a providing feedback and resolving issues factsheet, to be used if required.

Step 5: monitor and review - video explainer
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