Integration funding support

The Integration Funding Support program helps schools to support students attending regular classes and who have moderate to high learning and support needs – as defined by the department's disability  criteria.

Funding is used to:

  • provide additional teachers and school learning support officers to implement personalised learning and support for students in their own classrooms
  • assist classroom teachers by providing relief for them to undertake professional learning and to liaise with parents or carers and other school staff.

Most students with disability and additional learning and support needs can be supported through resources at their local school, allocated through a learning and support resource package as part of the school budget.

The Integration Funding Support program is only considered when a school learning and support team finds that extra support is required because:

  • a student has moderate or high support needs
  • a student needs additional resources to personalise learning and support
  • extra time with a teacher and/or school learning support officer is the most appropriate resource.

Who is eligible?

The Integration Funding Support program helps students who:

  • are school-aged
  • are enrolled in a regular class in a NSW public school
  • have a moderate to severe intellectual disability, physical disability, mental health disorder, autism spectrum disorder, hearing and/or vision impairment as defined by the department's disability criteria
  • need adjustments to access learning opportunities and school experiences
  • have moderate to high learning and support needs requiring additional resources to those available in school to personalise learning and support.

How to apply

Applications for Integration Funding Support are through the Access Request process. An Access Request is usually arranged by the school learning and support team at the local public school, but can also be organised through the local School Services team for students who are not yet enrolled. School Services can be contacted on 131 536 and your inquiry will be directed to the nearest department office.

New applications can be made for:

  • the current school year, e.g. for an increase in support needs or for a student transferring from a support class to a regular class
  • the upcoming year e.g. a student enrolling in Kindergarten
  • students who are receiving Integration Funding Support (IFS) in Year 6 and are transitioning to a mainstream class in Year 7 secondary school do not require a new Access Request. Their funding will continue into secondary school to facilitate a smooth transition. During Term 2 in Year 7 the school's learning and support team will organise a review of the student's support needs. Information can be found in the parent fact sheet.

Continuing students with a current allocation of funding from the program do not need to reapply every year.

A student's summary profile

Every application for Integration Funding Support includes a student's summary profile completed by the school learning and support team in consultation with parents or carers.

The profile is an objective summary of a student's educational achievements and needs in the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) as well as in Communication, Participation, Personal Care and Movement.

Annual review

At least one review meeting a year must be held for each student receiving Integration Funding Support to:

  • evaluate the student's progress towards personalised learning goals
  • confirm or amend the student's summary profile
  • assess the effectiveness of the adjustments currently in place
  • make any necessary changes to personalised learning and support
  • prepare for the coming year e.g. for planned operations, school excursions.

Funding reviews

A review of funding allocation may be requested if changes to a student's summary profile show that their learning and support needs have changed. This may be initiated by the school or by parents or carers.

Integration Funding Support - resources

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Integration Funding Support - forms

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Professional learning

Professional learning is available to help teachers and school support staff develop and deliver quality learning experiences for all students.

Support organisations

Visit the support organisations page to locate programs and services offered across NSW by government and non-government agencies.

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