Braille and large print

Braille and large print services provide support and materials in alternate formats for vision impaired students who are supported by an itinerant support teacher (vision).

These include:

  • student textbooks and school magazines (Years 3 to 6) in alternate formats – Braille and large print (various font sizes)
  • electronic format of curriculum titles for access by students who are blind using adaptive technology
  • electronic format of curriculum titles for access by students with low vision using assistive technology
  • Braille format of state-wide examinations such as the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • Braille and large print format of state-wide assessments such as the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment and Braille format of the Essential Secondary Science Assessment (ESSA)
  • Braille format of the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for students in all jurisdictions in Australia
  • loans of Perkins Braille machines for use in class to all students who are blind and their itinerant support teacher (vision)
  • tactile geometric equipment (Braille rulers, Braille protractors and drawing kits) for students who are blind
  • heavily lined exercise books and pads in numerous line patterns for writing, botany, geometric grid and music manuscript for all students in Years K to 12 with low vision
  • a comprehensive library in alternate formats to ensure students who are vision impaired have timely access to school requirements
  • links to 11 Braille outposts located in schools throughout NSW that enable the sharing of resources to maintain local deadlines. These outposts are staffed by a school learning support officer (SLSO) who is responsible for any miscellaneous classroom handouts in Braille required by the student in a short turn-around.

Support for schools and teachers

  • The itinerant support teacher (vision) consults with the school on behalf of their student through the class teacher and/or specialist teacher(s) to determine the curriculum and format needs of the student
  • The itinerant support teacher (vision) submits requests to Braille and large print services for appropriate action and the dispatch of resources to the student or school
  • Staff at Braille and large print services, upon request, provide advice and direction on Braille code rules and formatting to itinerant support teachers (vision)
  • Braille and large print catalogues of all titles available in the library collection and details of their font and paper sizes are available to itinerant support teachers (vision).

NSW Centre for Effective Reading

The NSW Centre for Effective Reading is a specialist service providing:

  • information about teaching reading and supporting students with complex reading difficulties through this dedicated website
  • direct support for rural and remote primary school aged students with complex reading difficulties and their teachers.

Support organisations

Visit the support organisations page to locate programs and services for children with vision loss or blindness.

Roles and responsibilities

Many people contribute to supporting students with disability and additional learning and support needs and they have a wide range of roles and responsibilities .

Staff training

Professional learning is available to help teachers and school support staff develop and deliver quality learning experiences for all students.

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