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Programs and services

Programs and services available in schools offer students personalised support to meet their individual needs.

A range of programs and services available in NSW public schools help students with disability and additional learning and support needs get the most out of school.

Well thought out and structured support – including targeted programs to meet specific needs – promotes participation in school activities and the school community.

These programs and services are designed to offer students personalised learning and support to meet their individual needs.

Some programs and services are provided by a student's school and do not require any external documentation or disability confirmation. Other targeted and specialist services are designed for students with a confirmed disability.

Support organisations

Visit the support organisations to locate programs and services offered across NSW by government and non-government agencies.

Student health

Advice for schools and parents and carers about student health in public schools.

NSW Centre for Effective Reading

The NSW Centre for Effective Reading is a specialist service providing information about teaching, reading and supporting students with complex reading difficulties.

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