Professional learning

Professional learning is available to help teachers and school support staff develop and deliver quality learning experiences for all students.

Effective teachers and support staff are the most important resource in ensuring the best possible outcomes for every student, including students with disability and additional learning and support needs.

A range of ongoing high quality professional learning opportunities can help teachers and support staff meet the educational needs of the diverse range of learners in their classes.

Disability Standards for Education e-learning

This e-learning resource explains the Disability Standards. The lessons outline how the responsibility of schools towards students with disability should be met. The lessons are in use in education systems across Australia and can be accessed through MyPL.

Supported Online Learning

A suite of Supported Online courses is available to support classroom teachers and support staff from the departments' primary schools, high schools and special schools. Each of the courses is registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). The courses address a range of diverse disabilities and additional learning and support needs. Department staff can undertake the courses with a trained tutor, studying in a learning group and by individually online study.

Online Learning Courses: Data summary: July 2018
Online Learning Courses: Information for principals

Personalising learning and support

Staff can access two professional learning modules designed to develop and strengthen their understanding of the learning and support framework in place in all NSW public schools through Every Student, Every School.

Every Student Every School: Learning and Support Sponsorship for teachers

A Learning and Support scholarship gives permanent NSW Public School teachers and executive staff a great opportunity to enhance their understanding of, and ability to meet the learning and support needs of the full range of students in NSW schools.

This scholarship supports study at a masters level in special education, inclusive education and sensory disabilities. Sponsorship recipients are paid a $5,000 allowance per year of study, followed by a $3,000 study completion grant.

Information about the Learning and Support Sponsorship and the application process is available on the ESES Learning and Support Sponsorship for teachers webpage.

Health care training

Specific training is available for school learning and support officers who volunteer to assist students with specific health care needs. Health care training courses can be accessed through MyPL.


MyPL is the department's professional learning management system. It contains information about professional learning opportunities for departmental staff. This system enables staff to find and apply for courses and to view and manage their own records of professional learning activities.


teach.NSW provides information about scholarships and training programs for teachers and school executive staff in NSW public schools.

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