Revised 2020 Guidelines

The Commonwealth has updated the advice for schools on the collection of data for 2020. See the 2020 NCCD updated Powerpoint for schools (PPT 3,040KB)

No. The dates remain the same.



Up to Friday 24 July

·        Data Entry

·        Enter data into ERN

Monday 27 July –

Friday 7 August

•         Validation Phase

•         Check data the in the Online Data Collection Website

•         Make any changes to the data in ERN

•         Sign off validation phase in the Online Data Collection Website

Monday 10 August –

Friday 21 August

•         Census Phase

•         Review data in the Online Data Collection Website

•         Make any changes to the data  in the Online Data Collection Website and in ERN

•         Sign off the census in the Online Data Collection Website

Yes. Schools now only need to be able to demonstrate six weeks of adjustments.

No. Special provisions have been made for:

·        Kindergarten students

·        New enrolments including Year 7 students

·        Students with newly diagnosed or imputed disability


Areas of evidence

Timeframe for the collection of evidence


1. Assessed individual needs of the student

2. Adjustments being provided to the student to address their assessed needs associated with disability

3. Ongoing monitoring and review of the adjustments

4. Consultation and collaboration with the student and/or parents, guardians or carers, or associates

Students with disability eligible for the NCCD





6 - 10 weeks

Specific student cohorts:

Foundation year students





6 - 10 weeks

New enrolments:

·        students who commenced at the school in 2020

·        students transitioning between levels of education, e.g. primary to secondary school, or moving campuses





6 - 10 weeks

Students with newly diagnosed or newly imputed disability





6 - 10 weeks



The changed arrangements are not mandatory. They reflect minimum requirements to ensure all eligible students with disability can be included in the 2020 NCCD. Schools are encouraged to collect 10 weeks of evidence where there is capacity to do so to ensure continuity of best practice, data quality and consistency.

Yes. The revised guidelines are available on the NCCD Portal 

Our Commitment

The NSW Department of Education is committed to supporting all schools to undertake the required Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD), and to using the data collection process to help ensure all students with disability are participating and engaged in learning and able to pursue life opportunities.

About the NCCD

All Australian schools are required to participate in the NCCD on an annual basis.

The NCCD is an annual data collection that requires information on the extent of adjustments made for students with disability. The data collection supports a broader model of engagement and support for these students that draws on teachers' professional judgement and practices throughout the year to support students with disability to access and participate in education on the same basis as other students. Implementation of the model enables schools to fulfil their mandatory obligations to students under the national Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and Disability Standards for Education 2005. Understanding these legal obligations and the mechanisms for collecting and using NCCD data is essential knowledge for principals and teachers.

School principals are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their school's data and validating that there is evidence at the school to support the inclusion of a student in the data collection. NCCD data is used to inform funding provided by the Australian Government to NSW and may be the subject of audits or compliance activities.

Key Dates

Up to Friday 24 July

Schools must enter data into ERN.

Data harvested from ERN for the validation phase on 24 July.

Monday 27 July

Collection website opens for validation phase.

Monday 27 July - Friday 7 August

Schools check their data and make any changes in ERN, and complete the validation phase by 5pm on the Friday.

Friday 7 August

Census date. Data harvested from the ERN system 5pm.

Monday 10 August - Friday 21 August

Schools review their data and correct any errors on the website and in ERN, then sign off the census by 5pm on the Friday.

Friday 21 August

Collection website closes.

Categories of disability

The broad categories of disability used in the NCCD are as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005:

Broad categories of disability

Level of adjustment

Implementing the NCCD

Professional learning

Sound knowledge and understanding of the DDA and Disability Standards for Education will assist schools in meeting mandatory obligations to students and their parents and carers and implementing the national data collection.

Accredited and NESA registered professional learning on the DDA and Disability Standards for Education (2005) is available to all school staff through an online package of lessons.

A training portal developed by Educational Services Australia supports schools' implementation of the national data collection through information about the national data collection model, including levels of adjustment and evidence requirements.

The following PowerPoint presentations can be used to support the delivery of professional learning for staff in schools:

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