Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disability (NCCD)

What’s new in 2018

From 1 January 2018, the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) will be used by the Australian Government to calculate the students with disability loading in recurrent funding for schools provided by the Commonwealth to states and territories. Therefore, the quality and reliability of information gathered under the NCCD is critical.

School principals are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their school's NCCD data and validating that there is evidence at the school to support the inclusion of a student in the NCCD. This is a key responsibility given that the NCCD data will be used to inform funding provided by the Australian Government to NSW and may be the subject of audits or compliance activities.

About the National Data Collection

All Australian schools are required to participate annually in the NCCD.

The national data collection reflects and supports the ongoing work of schools. The NCCD draws on teachers' professional judgement and practices throughout the year supporting students with disability to access and participate in education on the same basis as other students. Under the NCCD model, teachers and school staff use their professional, informed judgement, based on evidence, to determine the level of adjustment students with disability receive, in both the classroom and whole of school context, as well as the broad category of disability that relates to the adjustments.

The model for the NCCD is based on mandatory obligations to students under the national Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and Disability Standards for Education 2005. Understanding these legal obligations and the NCCD model is essential knowledge for principals and teachers.

Essential information for schools participating in the 2018 NCCD

Information required for the NCCD

Each year schools will record and submit evidence based information about:

  • the number of students receiving an adjustment for disability as defined in the DDA and the Disability Standards for Education
  • the level of adjustment each student is receiving
  • the broad category of disability of each student.

Students being provided with an adjustment for disability are included in the annual data collection where there is documented evidence held in the school of personalised learning and support for the student. This includes evidence that:

  • the adjustment has been provided for a minimum of 10 weeks in the 12 months preceding the 2018 NCCD census date
  • the adjustment is based on the assessed educational needs of individual students
  • the adjustment is provided in consultation with the student and/or their parents and carers
  • the impact of the adjustment is monitored

Each year in August, principals will verify the accuracy of NCCD data about students in their school receiving adjustments because of disability, based on evidences in the school.

2018 key dates

Key datesAction
Up to Friday 6 July

Schools enter data into ERN
Data harvested from ERN for the validation phase on 20 July (final day of school holidays)

Refer to Tips for using ERN- Prior to Validation (Word 192KB)
Monday 23 JulyCollection website opens for validation phase
Monday 23 July - Friday 3 August

Schools check their data and make any changes in ERN, and complete the validation phase by 5pm on the Friday

Refer to Tips for using ERN and Online Website- Validation stage (Word 541KB)

Friday 3 AugustCensus date. Data harvested from ERN at 5pm
Monday 6 August - Friday 17 August

Schools review their data and correct any errors in the collection website. Principals are responsible for signing off that the final census data is correct in the collection website by 5pm on the Friday 17 August

Refer to Tips for using ERN and Online Website- Census Stage (Word 716KB)

Friday 17 August Collection website closes

Professional learning

Sound knowledge and understanding of the DDA and Disability Standards for Education will assist schools in meeting mandatory obligations to students and their parents and carers and implementing the national data collection. Accredited professional learning on the DDA and Disability Standards for Education through an online package of lessons is available to all school staff. Further instructions are available about scheduling the course in MyPL@Edu.

A training website developed by Educational Services Australia supports schools' implementation of the national data collection through information about the national data collection model, including levels of adjustment and evidence requirements. A series of video case study illustrations of practice is also available on this site.

A moderation resource is also available on this site to support schools in providing high quality data.

Further information, including the NCCD 2018 Guidelines, fact sheets and information notices are located on the Australian Government Department of Education website.

Data entry in ERN/ Online Data Collection Website

NSW public schools use ERN – Disability Adjustments to record and maintain data for the NCCD. The ERN - Disability Adjustment User Guide provides detailed instructions of how to access and use this function in ERN.

NSW public schools use the Online Data Collection Website twice a year, during the validation stage and the final census stage of the collection. Refer to the Online Data Collection Website for detailed instructions on how to use the website during the validation and final census stages.

Quick tips about how to use ERN and the Online Data Collection Website:

Advice and assistance

Principals should contact their Director, Public Schools, for advice and assistance in the first instance.

School Services teams located across the state are also available to provide advice and assistance. Contacts in each operational directorate are available via the details below.

A Help desk for the national data collection located in state office is also available to NSW government schools. See details in the Contact us box below.

Additional support materials for schools

Local assistance for NCCD

Macquarie ParkNicholas Lutton(02)
TamworthTeena Skelton(02) 4904  
UltimoChristine Albans(02) 8848  
Wagga WaggaAnthony Johnston(02) 6334 8229

Contact us

NSW Department of Education helpdesk for the NCCD:

NCCD Helpdesk
(02) 9244 5178 or (02) 92445587
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