Every Student Every School (ESES)

Every Student, Every School is structured around a Learning and Support Framework for all NSW public schools. Establishing this framework in every school provides an important foundation for the delivery of educational services in our schools into the future.

For details about the initiative, including the Learning and Support Framework please see the booklet, Every Student, Every School: Learning and Support (PDF).

(Note: these resource do not currently meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements. Please contact 02 7814 3879 to request alternative copies).

Every Student Every School: Learning and Support Sponsorship for teachers

A Learning and Support scholarship gives permanent NSW Public School teachers and executive staff a great opportunity to enhance their understanding of, and ability to meet the learning and support needs of the full range of students in NSW schools.

This scholarship supports study at a masters level in special education, inclusive education and sensory disabilities. Sponsorship recipients are paid a $5,000 allowance per year of study, followed by a $3,000 study completion grant.

Information about the Learning and Support Sponsorship and the application process is available on the ESES Learning and Support Sponsorship for teachers webpage.

ESES: Learning and Support Induction training package

  • Induction training package Module 1 is currently being reviewed
  • Induction training package Module 2 is currently being reviewed
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