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Spend some time thinking of how your work impacts students, even if the connection is indirect. All initiatives in the department must consider the needs of students with disability. Examples of initiatives include policies, programs, training systems and agreements.

Download a copy of the Disability Strategy checklist (PDF 270KB).

Resources to assist you with the Disability Strategy checklist

1. Webpage version of the checklist.

2. Disability Strategy

The Disability Strategy sets out the department's plan for providing students with disability an education system that meets their needs.

3. Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Find out more about actions the department will take to foster an inclusive environment for people with disability, through policies, practices and high quality services that reflect, recognise and respond to their diverse needs.

4. Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Learn more about the department's vision, values and priorities to support diversity in the workplace and position ourselves to do the best job we can for the students and communities of NSW.

5. Disability Standards for Education

Learn more about the obligations education providers have under the Commonwealth law to ensure that students with disability are able to access and participate in education.

6. Disability Learning and Support Resources

Find resources and support tools to support people with disabilities.

7. Accessibility guidelines (staff only)

Find information to help you create content that does not exclude anyone because of their ability, situation or circumstance.

8. Creating accessible documents handbook (staff only, PDF 2657KB)

Build your capacity and confidence in creating inclusive professional learning in different formats.

9. Creating inclusive professional learning (staff only)

Use this handbook to help you practice and create word and PDF documents that meet accessibility requirements.

10. Building accessible templates within brand guidelines (staff only)

Find out about the department's brand guidelines and library, which includes information on accessibility.

11. Inclusive language guide

Learn more about how to use language to create a sense of empowerment, pride, identity and purpose.

12. United Nations best practice guide

Learn more from this UN's best practices guide for including persons with disability.

13. TedTalks video

Gain a greater understanding from the late Stella Young, a teacher, comedian and writer, about looking past the disability.

14. Disability Strategy Checklist Posters

Share the message of the Disability Strategy Checklist with your teams by printing off these A3 posters.

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