Outcomes Framework

As part of our focus on improving outcomes for the 1 in 5 students in our schools who have a disability or additional learning needs, the department is working with The Social Deck to ask students with disability, their families and school staff to identify the educational and wellbeing outcomes that matter most to them.

This work will contribute to the development of an outcomes framework that will help us better measure the educational outcomes of students with disability and ensure we are achieving the best possible outcomes for students with disability.

Why we are creating an outcomes framework

The department‘s goal is for all children and young people with disability in NSW public schools to thrive academically and socially, develop good physical, mental and emotional health, and gain the skills to live a fulfilling, independent life post-school.

The department’s Disability Strategy commits us to creating an outcomes framework that helps us track the learning growth, wellbeing and independence of students with disability to ensure this goal is being met.

Building this framework requires a ground-breaking new approach that considers the requirements of students with disability and additional learning needs.

Hearing the voices of students is an important part of creating this approach and meeting our commitment to building a more inclusive education system where every student is known, valued and cared for.

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