Sue Becker, CEO of the not-for-profit Lifestart, shares her story

Sue Becker is the CEO of Lifestart a not-for-profit that supports children and young people living with disability. Sue was deeply involved in the creation of the Disability Strategy.

“I’ve always been active in promoting the rights of people with a disability. That has been my passion all the way through my career, which began in community social work.

And I’ve always thought that when children get the right start, things can be so different for them and their families.

When you look at young children playing you see them all playing together. They don’t set anyone aside. Inclusivity in schools is about not setting people aside, or singling anyone out, but bringing everyone together. All children benefit from an inclusive learning environment.

There is all sorts of information out there already about how to create inclusive learning environments. Some children do need more support. Their learning plan should map out what needs to happen for them to get that support.

Some children demonstrate complex behaviours. Positive behaviour support helps.  If we get that right, we are being much more inclusive and that investment flows into social participation and post-school activities.

There just has to be adjustments made so everybody has an opportunity to learn. It can be really simple or really complex. And it can have a positive impact on the school community as well as individuals.

Acknowledging our diversity and embracing the uniqueness of individuals is what makes a community.”

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