July 2019 Disability Strategy update: find out where we're up to

July has been a busy month and the Disability Strategy continues to spread far and wide. Over the course of the month we’ve presented to a number of schools, Principal networks and rounded it off with Secretary Mark Scott addressing the Special Education Principals’ and Leaders Association (SEPLA) delegates at this year’s conference.

In Mark’s address he reiterated the commitment to the strategy, its importance and the work that is already starting to happen across schools and the department. His address echoed the strategies focus to continue to be committed to improving and strengthening support for our students, teachers and families in NSW.

At the same conference Executive Director for Learning and Wellbeing, Lisa Alonso Love, and Gill White workshopped with delegates ideas around building capacity, confidence and expertise to support students with disability in our workforce.

The outcome from these presentations is an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm for the strategy – and an emphasis on how much important work there is to do. We continue to stay true to keeping the strategy a live document and are keeping track of all of the amazing ideas that are being generated.

To share your ideas and stories of schools doing things well email us at disability.strategy@det.nsw.edu.au

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