School staff share the benefits of trauma-informed practice

Trauma-informed practice is supporting teachers, school-based staff and leaders to improve their knowledge of complex and developmental trauma. This helps staff understand student behaviours and how to respond. Staff can then better meet students’ needs so they can reach their full potential.

Many schools are already doing great work in this area across the state so we sent an online survey to 500 schools who had done some form of trauma-informed professional development. We received an overwhelming 442 responses and held 52 in-depth interviews with school leaders and other staff across 30 schools.

Key insights that are informing next steps:

  • Trauma-informed practice is already happening in a lot of schools.
  • There is lots of enthusiasm amongst schools to implement trauma informed practice more.
  • School teachers and leaders report that trauma informed practice is improving student outcomes and overall school culture.
  • It can contribute to a growth-mindset among the students and staff.

We have also identified around 1000 participants to take part in a pilot of a new trauma-informed course, a key commitment under the Disability Strategy. This pilot will start in November 2019 with modules 1 and 2, and finish in term 1, 2020 with modules 3 and 4. The results of this pilot will inform how this professional development is made available across our system.

We look forward to sharing with you all how the new professional learning is received. It is great to have you on the journey with us to lift the confidence and capacity of our leaders, teachers and other school-based support staff.

A summary of the survey and interview results is available in this short explainer here. If you have would like to be kept updated about this work please email us.

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