New Integration Funding Support team to support schools

A new Central Integration Funding Support team will partner with schools to provide responses to access requests within an average of 28 calendar days.

The majority of students with disability and additional learning needs who attend NSW public schools learn in mainstream classes in mainstream schools, and we want these students to be able to access the best possible support and reach their full potential.

Some students with disability in mainstream classes are supported in their learning through Integration Funding Support (IFS). IFS provides funding for teacher or school learning and support officer (SLSO) resources to support schools to provide adjustments for students with disability and additional learning needs in mainstream classes.

From Week 6 Term 1, a new central team was established to work with schools to support families to access additional resourcing to meet learning and support needs.

These changes are a commitment under our Disability Strategy to streamline and improve the processes by which families, children and young people access support at schools. The changes are the result of collaboration with and feedback from school staff, parents and carers, and students over the past two years.

Inclusive Education team Director Louise Farrell said having a consistent contact person within the department will help schools ensure students have access to the additional supports they need in a timely way.

“The new team will provide schools with support, advice, updates, and assistance completing applications,” she said.

“Like all the changes we’ve made to the access request process since 2019, this new team will help improve the experience of accessing support for families and ensure students can access the supports they need to thrive socially and academically at school.”

School staff can get in touch with their new central integration funding support person using the school support contact tile in the staff portal.

Establishing a central IFS team is part of broader access request changes that ensure a streamlined, more equitable, transparent and consistent process across the state. Read more about 2021 changes to placement panels.

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