Meet the founders of the Autism Advisory and Support Service

Two women in blue uniform shirts smile at the camera
Image: Grace Fava and Myrna Dominguez

Grace Fava and Myrna Dominguez run the Autism Advisory and Support Service and are passionate about helping children with autism harness their strengths.

Grace started the organisation around her kitchen table 13 years ago because she has two boys with autism. She says since then there's been an increase in the prevalence of children with additional needs, particularly autism, and the complexity of need.

The organisation works with families to share information and knowledge based on their previous experiences.

"First and foremost, we are looking out for the interests of the child. Inclusivity to me means tapping in to the different skills of each child," Myrna says.

The pair agree this means allowing them to fulfil their potential without determining their future for them.

According to Grace: "It's not just about autism. There's children out there with additional needs who have post traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD). If we don't have inclusive practices for them, they will become more displaced and isolated."

Myrna adds: "Isolation is a great tragedy. Sometimes we encounter family circumstances that are outside our control and in those cases, we want to at least provide the child with a consistent and safe school environment."

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