Literature review to improve available research on disability supports

The NSW Department of Education is working with an independent academic at the University of NSW to find and assess available evidence on learning supports for students with disability.

The comprehensive review will be delivered in December by UNSW Professor in Special Education and Disability Studies Iva Strnadova. Her work will consider the diverse learning and support needs of students with disability.

Disability Strategy team Senior Project Officer Dr Brydan Lenne said the review acknowledges that research from Australia and around the world sometimes does not provide enough information for school staff to know what adjustments to make for students with disability or how to measure their progress. This means it is challenging to make reliable decisions about the factors that lead to the best outcomes for students with disability.

“The purpose of this review is to identify what gaps there are in the current research and how we can help address those gaps,” said Dr Lenne. “We hope it allows us to proactively start building the evidence we have and find answers for our teaching staff.”

“Professor Strnadova’s work will inform the Department’s policies and ongoing reforms and will also encourage future research that explores factors that lead to the best outcomes for students with disability.”

The Disability Strategy team has also produced research on autism and mental health. Read the ‘Understanding increased enrolments of autism and mental health needs in NSW government schools’ summary report.

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