Innovation program to trial bold new approaches

Seven projects successful under the Disability Strategy’s Innovation Program will improve learning outcomes and promote high expectations for every student.

The successful applications were announced by Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell. They cover 16 schools in metropolitan and regional areas including primary and high schools, and schools for specific purposes.

262 schools submitted 197 applications for the program, which Ms Mitchell said was established to encourage and test innovative ideas in order to build a scalable evidence base of best-practice approaches.

“The program will build on the Berejiklian Government’s commitment to build an education system in which children with disability thrive academically, develop good physical, mental and emotional health and gain the skills to live a fulfilling, independent life post-school,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Not only do our successful applications represent the diversity of our school system, they have partnered with academia, and government to provide valuable real-world input.”

Successful applications were based around:

  • Increasing coordination between health and education services to ensure students with disability are effectively supported.
  • Telepresence robots to support students with chronic illness or disability to attend school.
  • Supporting students with disability to transition to higher education or employment by building staff capacity around trauma-informed practice, quality teaching and curriculum adjustments, as well as clinical interventions.
  • Capturing the voices of students with disability in Individual Education Plans using a visual tool to include their goals.
  • Mapping and integrating a program for students with moderate to severe intellectual disability into the education curriculum for students in Years 9 -12.
  • An action research project to improve student learning and wellbeing in early years using universal design for learning (UDL) and co-teaching.

Another 10 projects are being funded as disability strategy initiatives to investigate how their ideas could impact outcomes such as attendance, engagement and suspension for students with disability.

The Disability Strategy newsletter will continue to profile all projects as they progress. Find out more at the Disability Strategy’s Innovation Program webpage.

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