May 2019 Disability Strategy update: find out where we're up to

Since the release of the Disability Strategy in February 2019 the NSW Department of Education has continued to raise awareness around the state by hosting education roadshows with our principals and Executive Directors in the different regions.

What we’ve heard since the release of the strategy

Across our internal and external stakeholders, we’ve heard how important it is to continue the process of transparency and communication about the strategy. To show our commitment, the Disability Strategy Implementation team will deliver a monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed and reach out to stakeholders across the department and sector to continue the conversations and engagement.

As part of our implementation, we’ll be working with our schools and communities to reflect on evidence and co-design to any significant changes as well as establishing a governance mechanism for the initiatives.

Where to next

The implementation of the Disability Strategy is off and running with the support and guidance from Executive Director Lisa Alonso Love and Director Gill White. Gill is growing her team leading initial scoping sessions with internal stakeholders. These sessions assess the immediate focus areas to create real deliverables for 2019 and the future, while understanding how we can embed the strategy into key department-wide projects to build real momentum.

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