Bringing trauma-informed practice into your classroom

A teacher has her hand on the shoulder of a child. He has his head in his hands, and looks frustrated.
Image: A trauma-informed practice explainer is now available to all staff

A new explainer developed by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) offers a great introduction to trauma-informed practice for teachers, principals and other school staff.

The document covers the definition and prevalence of trauma, strategies for working with trauma-impacted students, self-care strategies for staff and more.

The explainer and a discussion guide for use with other staff are now available at CESE’s webpage ‘Trauma-informed practice in schools: An explainer’.

“We’re so glad to have this document available for staff across our system to access,” said Nic Danta, facilitator of trauma-informed professional development pilot and the Disability Strategy Engagement Lead.

“We know from previous research that this is an area that many staff want to know more about and that a lot of great practice is already happening every day in public schools.”

“We hope staff read and discuss the explainer and that it promotes conversations about the causes of student behaviour and inspires them to become trauma-aware.”

The explainer has been designed to complement the trauma informed practice professional development currently being piloted by the Disability Strategy Implementation team.

The pilot is allowing teachers, school-based staff and leaders to improve their knowledge of complex and developmental trauma, so they can better understand and respond to student behaviour that may result from trauma.

Over 20 facilitators have already delivered two of the pilot’s four modules to over 1000 participants in locations across the state, ensuring staff can better meet students’ needs and help them reach their potential. Facilitators around the state plan to deliver modules three and four of the Trauma-Informed Practice professional development program in the first half of this year.

The results of this pilot, a key commitment under the Disability Strategy, will inform how this professional development is made available across our system.

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