SAGAR at Vincentia High School


Support studentsโ€™ socio-emotional needs including increase self-determination, agency and academic engagement, and decrease anxiety levels.

Measure of success

Improved student learning and wellbeing and teacher confidence and self-efficacy.

Measures include

  • Students

  • Anxiety levels

  • Self-determination

  • Self awareness

  • Social skills

  • Teachers

  • Self-determination knowledge and opportunity

  • Teacher rating scale of student engagement

  • Teacher self-efficacy


Partner school: Vincentia High School

External partner: Dr Amanda Webster, University of Wollongong


This Disability Strategy initiative uses a multi-tiered approach to support secondary students with additional mental health and socioemotional needs. It trials a self-assessment, goal setting, action planning and reflection (SAGAR) process that has an emerging evidence base for improving student wellbeing.

It also aims to increase the effectiveness of teachers supporting studentsโ€™ socioemotional needs. It involves students in social emotional learning classes in Years 7 and 8 and 10 teachers.

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