TAS syllabus implementation

Introductory webinar event and recording (staff only)

Introduction to the Technology Mandatory Syllabus 7-8

This live webinar and recording is available for NSW Department of Education staff only to support new syllabus implementation.

Introduction to the Technology Mandatory Syllabus 7-8

Recorded 13 September 2018

1 hour 17 minutes


Learning and teaching materials are available for download on the resources page.

Stage 4-5 elective online courses (staff only)

These online courses support the implementation of the following newly translated elective syllabuses. The following courses are available on MyPL

  • TAS Stage 5 Syllabus Translation Core Module (Pre-requisite)
  • Agricultural Technology - RG05256
  • Design and Technology - RG05257
  • Food Technology - RG05241
  • Graphics Technology - RG05258
  • Industrial Technology - RG05259
  • Textiles Technology - RG05260

Face-to-face workshops (staff only)

A range of professional learning opportunities are available to support syllabus implementation. Use the calendar for full details and registration.

Current workshops

  • S4 - Coding in Stage 4 TAS
  • S4 - GPS Cows in Stage 4 TAS which supports the implementation of the Agriculture and Food Technologies and Digital Technologies contexts in the Technology Mandatory Years 7-8 syllabus.
  • S4 - Fast and the Curious which supports the Digital Technologies context of the Technology Mandatory Years 7-8 syllabus.
  • GPS Cows Advanced (Coming soon) to support the Agricultural technology syllabus.
  • Teaching Sheep Management (Coming soon) to support the Agricultural technology syllabus.

Engineering studies support program

This program supports inexperienced teachers os Stage 6 Engineering Studies. Please contact TAS@det.nsw.edu.au.

Program review tool

The program review tool is designed as a guide for program evaluation. It allows the reviewer to make notes on whether attributes are evident and if not, what action is needed for improvement.

A review of a program is best undertaken through a pair of fresh eyes, for example by another colleague, so that evidence of the program’s methodology and adherence to requirements are met.

Best practice in programming will inform the teacher of the learning content that is to be taught and how the learning addresses outcomes from the syllabus. A program should match the equipment and needs of the students in a class and the school’s specific context. A program may also link to general capabilities and other aspects of the syllabus.

Program review tool (DOCX 38KB)

TAS network support

Please contact TAS@det.nsw.edu.au.

Contact Us

For all enquiries please email TAS@det.nsw.edu.au.

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