These resources are categorised into the different aspects and strands of the syllabus and are to be used as a guide. Teachers should adapt resources to best suit the individual and diverse needs of their students and take into account where the learning activity fits into learning and teaching programs.

  • Adventures in energy highlights cutting edge technologies and practices used in the America exploration, production and transportation of oil and natural gas.
  • Amusement park physics explores the forces behind fun parks.
  • Sport science - exploratorium provides a number of lesson ideas and projects for science in sports.
  • Ausgrid's online electricity resource is appropriate for both Stages 4 and 5. It provides teachers with a unit for students to work through at their own pace. The interactive resource provides information, online quizzes, animation and sample experiments.
  • The physics classroom includes simulations, movies and animations arranged in topics.

These resources were developed by teachers from schools in Orange and Illawarra to assist with the implementation of the Science Years 7–10 and Stage 6 Earth and Environmental Science syllabuses.

The following websites are useful for classroom use.

  • At home astronomy includes hands-on science experiments.
  • Cool cosmos explores the world and universe as seen through infrared light.
  • Earth science Australia includes images, case studies and information about geological topics.
  • Oresome resources is an Australian website that provides resources on minerals and energy.
  • Murray Darling Basin Authority contains resources and lesson plans for teaching the water cycle, disasters, water quality and more.
  • The Mars lab is a Year 9 project-based learning resource about the search for life on Mars and the technologies that enable it.

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