Perthville Public School - a whole school approach to road safety

Perthville Public School is situated on the outskirts of the regional town Bathurst. The school decided to take a whole school approach to addressing the road safety issue of dangerous behaviours at the entry and exit of their school. Their journey to improved road safety was captured in this wonderful video below. To make these changes they needed to include the whole school community.

Teachers, parents and students recount how they identified challenges in around their entry and exits in the school zone. The Road safety education team was invited to assist the school:

  • liaise with the local council for support to their school zone
  • implement engaging teaching and learning resources, such as Safety Town, for students to learn and apply the skills of being a safe road user
  • develop new safe entry and exit practices and procedures.

This is a great example of a school’s journey of working together to create a safer whole school community.

For further support foryour school please contact your local Road Safety Education Officer.

Perthville's journey to improved road safety
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