Road safety advice to share with parents and carers

A variety of communication strategies have been developed to share these messages with parents and carers on you school newsletter, website, social media, assemblies, enrolment packages and community meetings.

Department's Parent and carer hub

Information and articles are available on the hub about safe travel.

Starting school safely

Starting school safely resources to support school transition programs such as:

- starting Kindergarten

- starting in Year 7

- changing to a new school

- Year 4 to Year 5 Opportunity Class placement.

Maths and road safety

Parents and carers can explore everyday activities and support both their child’s mathematical skills and understandings, and have conversations that can reinforce being a safe road user.

Check out these activities and share them with your families.

Champs of getting to school safely campaign

Help keep all children safe when travelling to and from school, be a champ of #Getting to School Safely.

Watch and share these two videos, one for primary and one for high school champs with your school community.

Who is a #gettingtoschoolsafely champ at your school?

Schools are looking at creating their own videos of #Getting to School Safely. Please share your champs and videos with us.

Useful links

Demerit points (Transport for NSW)

Definitions of pedestrian crossings (Transport for NSW)

Traffic signs (Transport for NSW)

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW (Transport for NSW)


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