Maths and road safety

The department's campaign #Mathstrainsbrains links parents to resources within the Everyday Maths hub, bringing new maths solutions, challenges, games and fun experiences into students’ homes.  

Parents and carers can explore everyday activities and support both their child’s mathematical skills and understandings, and have conversations that can reinforce being a safe road user.

Check out these activities where everyday conversations can occur in real-life situations and be a great way to discuss the importance of how to be a safe passenger, pedestrian, cyclist and future driver.

Link to activity Link to activity
Nature walk - years K-2 Car cricket - years 1-8
I-spy with 3D objects - years 1-2 Creating schedules - years 1-2
Scavenger hunt - years 1-2 Navigate with a map – years 5-6
Car trip playlist – years 5-6 How to manage your time - years 7-10
Tracking your activity - years 7-10 Travel challenge - years 9-10

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