The facts on riding motorised wheeled devices in NSW

In NSW it's ILLEGAL to ride motorised wheeled devices, such as electric scooters on public roads, footpaths, car parks or in parks.

Have you seen students riding to school using a powered device?

Did you know prohibited vehicles include:

  • all petrol-powered bicycles that:
    • have a petrol-powered engine attached before or after purchase
    • are powered by any other type of internal combustion engine.
  • motorised foot scooters (with or without a seat) with an electric or petrol engine
  • minibikes or monkey bikes
  • segways
  • skateboards with an electric or petrol motor.

These vehicles cannot be registered or insured and therefore can only be used on private land.

If you do have students riding prohibited powered devices to/from school, the school has a duty of care to inform the student and their parents/carers, that it is illegal.

Contact the Road Safety Education team for advice on how to address and manage your school’s duty of care around this.

To find out more information about vehicles prohibited:

- E-scooters Transport for NSW (about trial areas)

- visit NSW government website

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