Road safety messages with the Wiggles

The Wiggles have joined with Transport for NSW to help reinforce the key road safety messages and keep our children safe.

Let the Wiggles help reinforce road safety messages with your school community. Share these clips with students and families through your school’s social media and communication channels,

A quick safety message from the Wiggles about the importance of buckling up correctly in the car when going on holidays.

The Wiggles sing the Buckle up and Be safe song to help reinforce the importance of being safely buckled up in our seatbelt.

Wiggles sing Buckle up and be safe

The wiggles talk and sing about listening to the Lollypop person (School Crossing Supervisor) who helps you to cross the road at school pedestrian crossings.

Wiggles talking about the importance of listening to the School Crossing Supervisor
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