Kindergarten Orientation Days and Road Safety

Starting school means lots of changes for children and their families. Travelling to and from school is no exception. Kindergarten orientation days are a great way to promote safe road user behaviours to new parents/carers/grandparents and students. Have you ordered your Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Library bags yet?

Image: The Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Library bag

Schools have the opportunity to inform caregivers of how they expect them to be as road users in and around the school site.

A whole-school community who values safe road use means all children and families' safety needs are considered.

Schools can consider including some of these ideas at their next kindergarten orientation day. Talk about:

  • How children learn about road use and behaviours from them, e.g. not using the pedestrian crossing or using it incorrectly, crossing in between cars, calling children from across the other side of the road, walking through the staff car park, double parking, parking in the bus zone/no stopping zone, being a responsible road user.
  • Safe entry and exit in and around the school, and why it's important.
  • How kiss and drop zone operates, and why it's important to follow the rules of stopping for no more than 2 minutes and remaining within 3 metres of the car.
  • Safe places to park in the streets around the school, and why it's important to park legally.
  • Why parking safely and holding a child's hand when walking to the school is good for everyone-it reduces traffic congestion, is a great time to talk and practice how to be a safe pedestrian.
  • Parents and carers have a plan B if they are late or it's raining.
  • Correct child restraints for size and weight, and why it's important children are buckled up safely.
  • The importance of parents sharing road safety advice with grandparents, nannies or other carers.

To assist families to talk to their children about being a safe road user Transport for NSW have developed the Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Library Bag which is a free resource to all families of kindergarten students enrolling in the new year.

The information contained in the Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Library Bag will help families to talk about road safety with their child. The bag includes:

  • a height chart to help families select the most appropriate child car seat for their child
  • bus safety information for families
  • stickers and information that promote the key road safety messages for families to discuss with their children
  • a 'safety door' sticker to remind families to help their child exit the rear footpath side door of the vehicle
  • flyers that promote the Child Car Seats and Safety Town online resources and information
  • a pack of colour pencils
  • activity sheets for children to complete with their families.

Schools are encouraged to discuss the contents of the road safety kindy orientation bag with parents/carers and students, explaining how valuable the bag is, not only as a library bag, but also as a reminder to always hold your child's hand when out and about

How can schools order?

The Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Library Bag is only available to schools. Place an order:

  • go to Transport for NSW's online catalogue, Go to PRODUCTS and select School use only.

The Department of Education's Road Safety Education Officer can assist NSW public schools to plan localised road safety information outlining their expectations about safe travel to and from school.

Useful links

Safe travel information for parents and carers (translations available) (NSW Department of Education)

Safety Town - Advice for families (Transport for NSW)

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