Understanding policy and elements of the curriculum

Five modules of 15 to 20 minutes duration.

Duration – 20 minutes
Available – now

Understand the role of curriculum reform for teachers in NSW:

  • Why was there a need for curriculum reform?
  • Who contributed to curriculum reform?
  • What was the NSW Government's response to reform?
  • What does curriculum reform mean for teachers and schools?

Duration – 15 minutes
Coming soon

Develop an understanding of existing policies and their role in teaching and learning:

  • What are the key policies for teaching and learning?
  • How does policy inform classroom practice?

Duration: 15 minutes
Available – now

Develop an understanding of learning across the curriculum content areas.

  • What does learning across the curriculum look like in the classroom?
  • How can I ensure I embed learning across the curriculum meaningfully?

Duration – 15 minutes
Available – now

Develop an understanding of the role of general capabilities to amplify curriculum and student learning:

  • What are the general capabilities?
  • How can general capabilities amplify syllabus outcomes?
  • What are some practical strategies to embed general capabilities in teaching and learning?
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