Understanding effective assessment

Four modules of 15 to 20 minutes duration.

Duration – 15 minutes
Coming soon

Understand quality assessment and how it can be harnessed to inform teaching and learning:

  • What is the purpose of assessment? (Evidence base)
  • What are elements of quality assessment?
  • How can assessment be embedded within teaching and learning?
  • Where can I learn more about assessment?

Duration – 15 minutes
Coming soon

Develop expertise to design purposeful assessment tasks:

  • What elements inform quality assessment tasks?
  • Why is making deliberate decisions with learning intentions and success criteria important?
  • How can feedback support teaching and learning?
  • Assessment task in action.

Duration – 15 minutes
Coming soon

Understand effective strategies to ensure outcomes are addressed:

  • Why is addressing outcomes important?
  • What tools can support monitoring student learning outcomes?

Duration – 15 minutes
Coming soon

Understand the role of effective processes for moderating student work samples:

  • Why is moderating work samples so powerful?
  • What are some practical strategies to moderate student work samples?
  • How can student work samples inform reporting?
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