Making continuity of learning visible

Three modules of 20-25 minutes duration.

Duration – 25 minutes

Available – now

Understand what is meant by the term continuity of learning and its importance in ensuring a strong start to school.

  • What is continuity of learning?
  • What are our professional responsibilities towards continuity of learning?
  • Why is continuity important for improving student outcomes?
  • How does continuity of learning drive teaching?


Duration – 20 minutes

Available – now

Learn about the positive impact of educators in early childhood and school settings, understand how and what children learn in each curriculum framework and how they align.


  • What does the research say?
  • What guides curriculum and pedagogy in each setting?
  • What are the explicit links between the Early Years Learning Framework and Early Stage 1 syllabuses?


Duration – 20 minutes

Available – now

Understand how schools can engage with early childhood services to support continuity of learning through the effective use of the Transition to School Statement.

  • How does the Transition to School Statement support effective transitions and continuity of learning?
  • What are the connections between the Transition to School Statement and Early Stage 1 outcomes?
  • How do educators speak to their understandings in each setting to provide rich information to support a strong start to school?
  • Examine scenarios to support practice.
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