A positive start to school is important and depends on everyone working together to make it happen – family, community, early childhood service and the school team.

A positive start to school includes:

  • development of secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships
  • conversations between children, teachers, families and the community
  • high expectations and equity for every child
  • recognition and acknowledgement of cultural diversity
  • collaboration between early childhood services and schools
  • building on knowledge, skills and interests of a child
  • deep understanding of how young children learn.

My day at Kindergarten (video 4m 45s) shows what happens in a typical day in Kindergarten.

Transcript of My day at Kindergarten video

Transition to school statement

The NSW Transition to school statement is a simple and practical tool that makes it easier for important information to be shared between families, early childhood services and schools. It summarises the child's strengths, their interests and approaches to learning and suggests ways these can be supported to continue learning and development into primary school. Completed statements enable Kindergarten teachers to get to know their students before they start school, make connections with children and families and respond to individual students' needs.


  • KidsMatter – starting school provides tips for facilitating sessions, videos, strategies and information about starting school. It provides suggestions on how schools and ECEC services can use the resources with families.
  • Welcome to preschool (PDF 2.6MB) – a family guide providing hints on how to get your child ready for preschool.
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