Policies and procedures

The following policies and procedures for department preschools are required under the Early Childhood and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (regulation 168).

The Preschool Handbook (PDF 7.2MB) provides detailed advice for staff, principals and supervisors to support the management and operation of department preschools.

In addition, preschools should develop localised procedures to support the implementation of these policies in their settings.

Policies and procedures are required in relation to the following:

(a) Health and safety

(b) Incident, Injury, Trauma, and Illness procedures

(c) Dealing with infectious diseases

(d) Dealing with medical conditions in children, including matters set out in regulation 90

(e) Emergency and evacuation

(f) Delivery of children to, and collection of children from education and care service

(g) Excursions

(h) Providing a child safe environment

(i) Staffing

(j) Interactions with children

(k) Enrolment and orientation

(l) Governance and management of the service; including confidentiality of records

(m) Acceptance and refusal of authorisations

(n) Payment of fees and provision of a statement of fees charged by the education and care service

(o) Dealing with complaints

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