Department preschools

Preschool classes in government schools provide educational programs to children one year before starting school and are an integral part of the school in which they are located.

There are 100 department preschools across NSW – 61 are in the Sydney metropolitan area and 39 are in regional and rural NSW.

Eleven of these preschools are designated specifically for Aboriginal children and another 13 preschools are located in Aboriginal communities. Four preschool classes are located in distance education schools.

Department preschools operate during school hours.

Attendance patterns are determined by the department’s commitment to universal access. Department preschools offer families one of four recommended models for provision.

Program Implementation

Each preschool is staffed by an early childhood trained teacher and a school learning support officer with an approved qualification.

Preschool teachers offer quality play based learning programs informed by the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

The framework provides the foundation for future learning and supports the development of early language, literacy and numeracy.

A quality program responds to the abilities and interests of each child and provides a balance between child-initiated and adult-initiated experiences.

These experiences provide opportunities for children to learn as they create, discover, improvise and imagine.

Preschool classes in department schools benefit families and children by supporting the continuity of learning and facilitating a smooth and positive transition to school experience.

For more information contact:

Early Learning Coordinator 9266 8165 or visit the preschool website.

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