Physical literacy continuum

There are four interrelated critical aspects which form the framework of the continuum:

  • movement competencies
  • tactical movement
  • motivation and behavioural skills
  • personal and social attributes.

Read the Overview of the physical literacy continuum K-10 (PDF 516KB). for more information on how it can be used to enhance practice.

Enhance your understanding and practice with the Physical literacy continuum cluster examples (PDF 312KB). These provide more detail of what each marker could look like across the various physical activity contexts. The examples break down and translate the observations of teachers guiding their assessment of each marker. Use of the physical literacy continuum K-10 will be strengthened by using in combination with the examples.

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NSW public school teachers and school executive

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  • Order copies of the NSW Physical Literacy continuum K-10 A1 posters at no cost.

Agencies and schools external to NSW Public Schools

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