Reframing vaping

Stage 5 – 6-8 lesson learning sequence focused on debunking the myths and misconceptions students have about vaping.

Consider the following questions when adapting or developing teaching and learning units.

  • What key messages do you want students to take away?
  • Why does this learning matter?

The following sample resource can be adapted by teachers to suit the individual needs of their students. Use these resources to plan and deliver PDHPE. They are suitable for the PDHPE K-10 syllabus (2018).

Resource content

Students will:

  • assess which types of advertising could have the most influence over young people
  • learn how to determine the credibility of social media messages they are exposed to
  • challenge their assumptions about vaping for young people
  • describe how we associate social status with brands and brand name products and how we believe others perceive us by what we do.

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