Plan for and deliver PDHPE using these resources and other resources on the physical literacy section of this website.

Implementing the PDHPE K-10 syllabus in K-6 (DOCX 77KB) is a suggested plan for schools to follow as start implementing the latest syllabus.

Staff self-assessment (DOCX 61KB) and Interpreting student data in PDHPE (DOCX 51KB) provide further support for schools when engaging in the implementation process. Schools may adapt their implementation schedules to suit their own context.

Playing for life resources include the activity cards containing a variety of games designed to develop the skills of a range of physical activities. Cards can be filtered and searched based on the Stage of learning, the movement skill in focus or the category of game.

Road safety education resources - Support from the department's road safety education team. Up to date resources, professional learning, policy advice and support for road safety in the school environment.

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