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  • 7-12 English e-News early Term 3 2018

    This edition of the 7-12 English early Term 3 e-newsletter includes information about:

    • English mEsh units for the new Stage 6 syllabuses
    • More units to support the new English Stage 6 syllabus
    • Stage 6 network grant teams
    • Literacy and Numeracy K-12 e-News
    • Invictus Games Sydney 2018 Education Project
    • English Grant Stage 3-4 Programming and Assessment Project Curriculum Review
    • Reading Australia Teacher Fellowship
    • Poet spotlight on Western Sydney
    • Text reviews and its use in English.

  • 7-12 English e-News Term 3 2018

    This edition of the Term 3 2018 English e-newsletter includes information about:

    • Stage 6 network grants update
    • Indigenous resoures
    • First nation writers
    • English Extension 2
    • English Textual Concepts
    • Adobe connect sessions reminders
    • Literacy and Numeracy
    • Curriculum support - what is available to teachers
    • Invictus update.

  • K-6 English e-NEWS (Term 2, 2018)

    This issue features Australian children's book council - night of the notables, one more page podcast, Sydney writers' festival student sessions, Premier's reading challenge, upcoming PL - effective reading in the early years, scholarships to AATE national conference, invictus games, literacy and numeracy K-12 e-NEWS and an introduction to the literacy and numeracy progressions.

  • K-6 English e-NEWS (Term 4, 2017)

    The final K-6 English e-NEWS for 2017 features information about the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions, Western Plains English Textual Concepts Project, Theme ≠ Topic, Resources to support planning and programming, and 'Writers wanted'.

    • K-6 English e-NEWS (Term 2, 2017)

      The first K-6 English e-NEWS issue for 2017 features quality digital texts, a process for selecting quality texts, CBCA 2017 Book of the Year Shortlist, BookFest, English Textual Concepts, Learning Processes – Adobe Connect sessions and information about the Literacy for Learning K-12 conference.

    • Secondary English newsletter February 2017

      This issue features Stage 3 and 4 transition project, advertising and John Berger, Premier's Reading Challenge, resources from the Stage Library, Future Leaders Writing Prize and English Textual Concepts professional learning opportunities.

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