K-12 STEM news – Term 1 2019

In this issue:

  • Introducing our new STEM advisers
  • Regional NSW Future Focused Learning (STEM) Conference
  • Principals supporting STEM projects

Welcome back to the 2019 school year. This year the Learning and Teaching Directorate has appointed two dedicated STEM curriculum advisers to provide support for teachers and schools in the STEM space.

Barbara Ryan, STEM Advisor K-6

Barbara Ryan has joined us as the K-6 STEM Primary Curriculum Project Advisor. Barbara has extensive experience in leading and delivering STEM experiences at St Ives North Public School as well as mentoring schools across Sydney. Her school developed Project FireStorm, a Stage 3 integrated STEM unit linking the geography content of Factors that Shape Places, with the K-6 Science and Technology content strand of Earth and Space and aligning mathematical concepts of position, data, area, length, time, angles - to mention a few.

Barbara is working closely with the curriculum advisors for Mathematics, and Science and Technology, as well as the ITD and STEMshare teams, to bring new resources and learning opportunities for you and your students in 2019.

Matt Scott, STEM Advisor 7-12

Matt Scott has joined us as STEM Curriculum Advisor 7-12 from the Canobolas Rural Technology High School in Orange, NSW where he was Head Teacher STEM and Innovation. Here he led the development of the Stage 4 integrated STEM curriculum, a timetabled STEM course for all Year 7 and 8 students. This curriculum featured term long projects, focusing on a Science outcome, supported by Mathematics outcomes and delivered through using Technology Mandatory design project and management outcomes. The success of this curriculum led to Canobolas being selected as one of seven NSW secondary STEM Action Schools and being awarded the Secretary's Commendation for an Outstanding School Initiative at the Public Education Awards. Matt has also worked closely on the NESA board-endorsed Stage 5 iSTEM curriculum with Dr. Scott Sleap.

Currently Matt is working on the STEM Industry Schools Partnership (SISP) in collaboration with Regional Development Australia, strengthening links between regional school communities and their local industries to help develop the future focused workforce they need.

Tell us about your STEM projects

There are a range of amazing STEM projects, activities and programs happening around the state in primary, secondary and central schools The STEM team would like to hear about your projects, and you can do this through completing the STEM project survey.

Contributing to the survey will lead to you being included on our STEM communication lists, so we can share important STEM information and opportunities with you.

Upcoming events

Attend the Regional NSW Future Focused Learning (STEM) Conference. The conference is a collaboration between the NSW Department of Education, Secondary Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Directorate and the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools.
Monday 29th April features key note speakers, a Q and A panel, two workshop session and a trade show.
Tuesday 30th April features day long, deep dive workshops.

The department’s Learning and Teaching Directorate has sponsored fifty scholarships for rural and remote teachers to assist with attending the conference.
See the STEM-NSW website for more information and registration.

In schools

Are you a Principal leading or supporting STEM projects in your school? If so, you are invited to participate in the Principals as STEM Leaders (PASL) research project. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, this project will support principals to effectively drive whole-of-school collaborative effort in STEM engagement and STEM teaching and learning for STEM capability. This will involve participation in professional learning programs and engagement with tailored mentoring programs.
Visit the PASL website for more information.

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  • If you or someone you know is engaging in some inspiring STEM pedagogy or professional learning please contact us.
  • For further information, including curriculum implementation support for STEM contact us.

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Barbara Ryan, STEM Advisor K-6

Matt Scott, STEM Advisor 7-12

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