Languages – new team members

We're delighted to announce 2 new team members, who have been appointed on 3-year contracts with the Learning and Teaching Directorate – Coreena Allen and Marcela Ayas.

Coreena Allen
Coreena is a Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese teacher whose substantive position is at Merewether HS, and she also works as Assistant Supervisor at Saturday School of Community Languages. Coreena already has strong ties to the Languages and Culture team, leading our Language Teacher Network – Newcastle, and supporting mentees as a mentor with the Virtual Languages Mentoring Network. She has also relieved in the role of Language Officer, participated in consultation and writing teams for new syllabuses and has experience as an HSC marker. Coreena will be based in Newcastle and take up the role from Term 4.

Marcela Ayas
Marcela is a Spanish teacher whose substantive role is Head Teacher, Languages/EALD at Westfields Sports HS and has experience as Supervisor of Marking and Chief Examiner, as well as working for Saturday School of Community Languages. Since May she has been acting in the role of Language Officer, developing support for the Extension courses and leading 7-10 writing teams to develop resources for the website.

We're very excited to have a full team for the first time in a very long time, and look forward to working with all of you to support language programs in NSW public schools.

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