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5 July 2019 - In this issue: A welcome from the relieving Creative Arts Advisor 7-12, KASCA professional learning report, Music 2 sample scope and sequence, Visual arts online focus group report, Videos of literacy and numeracy in creative arts, The creative arts syllabuses

21 February 2020
  • A welcome from the relieving Creative Arts Advisor 7-12
  • KASCA professional learning report
  • Music 2 sample scope and sequence
  • Visual arts online focus group report
  • Videos of literacy and numeracy in creative arts
  • The creative arts syllabuses
Participants in a class
Image: Students taking part in a class

A welcome from the relieving Creative Arts Advisor 7-12

Nicole the releiving Creative Arts Advisor 7-12
Image: Nicole

My name is Nicole MacAlpine and I am the relieving Creative Arts Advisor 7-12. I began at the beginning of Term 2 and I have already been so impressed by creative arts teachers? skills in supporting each other to deliver exceptional learning and teaching for our students. I have seen this through face-to-face professional learning, the creation of online units of work, and ideas around future ways to provide curriculum support. My background is as a drama teacher and head teacher. I have a passion to support teaching and learning, and have completed a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Gifted Education. I look forward to working to support you throughout the year.

KASCA (Knowledge and Skills in the Creative Arts) professional learning report

The KASCA professional learning courses are now being facilitated around the state. These professional learning courses accompany the KASCA teaching and learning resources that are already on the creative arts website under each strand. (eg. dance resources)

The Lismore and Wagga Wagga workshops were facilitated by a team of six teachers in May and June. They delivered a whole day for 7-10 music, dance, drama, visual arts, visual design, photographic and digital media.

collage of three images showing activity at the CAO
Image: CAO activities

We want to acknowledge that participants often traveled two or three hours, one way, to attend our professional learning events. A big thank you to all presenters, and to the participants and their schools for supporting them.

a collage of three images from the CAO activities, showing some sample works, the group photo and some sticky note sorting
Image: Examples of CAO activities

The KASCA courses are designed for new or out-of-field teachers, or teachers returning to the subject after a break. However, we are finding that experienced teachers and head teachers who attend, also appreciate the content and collegial nature of the day. All sessions develop an understanding of the features and requirements of each syllabus and allow participants to gain skills in assessing, reporting, and developing teaching and learning programs for effective teaching.

We will be in Dubbo at the end of July and early August, Tamworth in October and Sydney in November.

The KASCA professional learning events are:

  • Playing to win in music
  • Taking care of business in dance
  • Let's get it started in drama
  • Ain't no mountain high enough in visual arts
  • Into the Lens of photographic and digital media
  • Thinking out loud in visual design.

Please register for these events.

Music 2 sample scope and sequence

A sample scope and sequence for Music 2 has been added to the creative arts page on the website.

Visual arts online focus group report

On Tuesday 14 May we held an afternoon online focus group for visual arts teachers. Teachers from around the state, including Tamworth, Wilcannia, Western Sydney and Northern NSW, joined a discussion about curriculum support for visual arts. The following ideas were suggested:

  • Self-paced online modules accessible at any time. This was supported by the fact that some teachers travel great distances to participate in professional learning and may miss it if it is only offered at a specific time and place.
  • Case studies that identify what former students go on to achieve in the creative arts. Teachers identified that connecting with past students who are engaging with an art practice would provide inspiration for current students.
  • Additional support materials for teachers. Teachers agreed that differentiation built into those resources would be a positive inclusion. They suggested that this could be further supported by videos of lessons and teacher interviews.
  • Support for writing in the arts. Teachers identified that students need to be able to write well as artists, including writing about their work and writing to support their work through, for example, grant applications.

This discussion highlighted the need to support the development of writing in the creative arts from Stage 3 through to Stage 6. Overall, the focus group was a positive collegial event.

Videos of literacy and numeracy in creative arts

Literacy and numeracy are embedded within the creative arts and we have two new videos to help support teachers with literacy and numeracy.

Watch the Numeracy in the creative arts video.

Watch the Literacy in the creative arts video.

The creative arts syllabuses

The NSW creative arts syllabuses remain unchanged. The NSW syllabuses do not yet incorporate the Australian Curriculum. For updates on the new syllabus process, go to NSW and the Australian curriculum on the NESA website.

Connect with us

For further information, including curriculum implementation support for creative arts 7-12 contact:
Nicole MacAlpine


R/Creative Arts Advisor 7-12
(02) 9244 5255
Follow us on Twitter at: @CreativeArtsNSW

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